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The Board Spring 2021 Release is Now Available!
Posted by Fabio Donatellis on 28 April 2021 10:45 AM

After much anticipation, the Board Spring 2021 was released today!

With this latest release, customers have access to supercharged performance, unmatched flexibility, rock-solid reliability, and a seamless upgrade path from previous versions, together with several new features:

  • Unbalanced Hierarchies – Next-generation unbalanced hierarchy management combines an unlimited number of levels with flexible data navigation & analysis and revolutionary data entry functionalities.

  • Dataview Improvements - Board Spring 2021 brings an updated dataview that has been fine-tuned to make data interaction faster, simpler, and more intuitive than ever.

  • Excel Add-In - The upgraded Board Excel Add-In allows users to view, import, manipulate, distribute, and share data in Microsoft Excel with extreme flexibility, shaping and altering grids and forms while retaining Board’s flagship data-entry and data-navigation functionalities.

  • New Connectors - With the Spring 2021 release, Board expands its prebuilt integration capabilities with 30+ new connectors for business application, cloud, and big-data data sources, providing even more information at business users' fingertips.

  • R Integration - Board continuously improves its ability to deliver critical insights to decision-makers across the enterprise. Thanks to R integration, it can now seamlessly exchange data with an R-server to execute AI/ML algorithms and provide users with real-time results.

  • Impact Analysis - The new Board impact analysis allows enterprises to trace their end-to-end data journey from origin to destination. It drives better, more informed decision-making by enabling business users to visualize the information flow from processing to consumption.

  • Cloud Subscription Hub - The new subscription hub marks a shift towards a new era of user management, with a centralized portal to control subscriptions across multiple Board platforms, self-service user enrolment, external IDP federation and a customized sign-in experience.

  • New Board REST/API - The New REST/API brings superior interoperability to the Board platform, allowing enterprises to easily run integrations with systems and workflows across their landscape. This improves efficiency and productivity by simplifying data exchange and process orchestration.

The Board Spring 2021 release empowers organizations to seamlessly upgrade from previous versions and, thanks to its improved performance, translate complex processes into effective business models faster and more easily than ever before.