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BOARD 11.3 and 10.7 available now!
Posted by Fabio Donatellis on 06 October 2020 05:17 PM

BOARD 11.3 and 10.7 have been officially released.

New Features available in the new versions:

  • New chart objects:

    - Gantt chart
    - Tree node
    - SVG Map
    - Geo Map
  • Impact Analysis: new function to explore the interconnections among all the objects and structures of a Board application

  • Full text search dialog: new search function to index the text contained in capsules and presentations

  • BOARD API: native BOARD APIs to facilitate data integration with other systems

  • Reporting: improvements on the reporting functions (i.e. @variables in the email body)

  • Pending data entry warning: the web application warns the user if there is a pending data entry at any layout request

  • Block formatting enhancements: color and thickness of the block headers can now be customized

  • Engine improvements: revision and enhancement of the management of concurrent processes

  • Custom Entity Sort: it is now possible to define a custom sort for the entity members (available only on B11!)


You can read more about the new available features and fixes on 11.3 HERE and 10.7 HERE.

These Versions are available on our User Community, on the Support Portal and for our Cloud customers.