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BOARD 10.6.0
Posted by Andrea Mo on 20 November 2019 05:19 PM

Board 10.6.0 now released, please check the following link for further details and release notes. 


What's New in Board 10.6.0

  • The Card object
  • The Responsive container
  • The Expander
  • The Quick Layout Edit
  • Font configuration on the web toolboxes

Minor changes:

  • The naming convention on the data-reader actions has been changed on the web application.
  • In the bullet chart it  is now possible to configure drills, master layout and apply a selection from the sliding toolbar.
  • It is now available a shortcut to jump in edit mode into a procedure from a screen object where the procedure is launched.
  • The Gauge object supports the drill-down function.
  • The dataview search supports a multi-line text (it works in OR).
  • An enforcement of the Sparse Structure to prevent database corruptions has been introduced in this version.


  • A malfunction on the Broadcasting scheduled tasks that occurs when a task is not configured properly has been fixed.
  • A malfunction in the concurrent opening of capsules and screens that was holding the BoardFolderProfiles.dat file has been corrected.
  • The decimal separators on a excel extraction are now consistent between the sublines and the totals.
  • The clear entity action doesn't display the standard time entity list anymore.
  • The suggested values list based on an entity in a dataview follows the screen selections.
  • Azure AD authentication through the SAML2 protocol is now supported on the win client and the office add-in.
  • The apply on totals option on the rule blocks is now available on the web designer.
  • Enhancements in the management of exceptions during the transporter actions.
  • The suggested values are now available in the drill-down window on the web.
  • An enforcement on the protection from XSS attacks has been applied on the web application.
  • The save/undo option affects also the data-entry on BLOB cubes on the web application.
  • A visual issue (absence of scrollbars) in the file upload page on the cloud platform has been fixed.
  • A malfunction on the data-reader ETL while is evaluating a numerical vs text type has been fixed.
  • A malfunction on the execution of an ETL combined with the regional settings of the Windows user that is running the BOARD service has been fixed.
  • A fix on the propagate cell template in the dataview settings has been introduce on the web.
  • A malfunction on the ASCII data-reader procedure step that is showing the wrong detail information about the protocol has been fixed.
  • The relationships management on the web has been reviewed and optimized.
  • A malfunction on entity block treated as numeric in dataview layouts has been fixed.
  • Decimals digits are now visible on the geomap blocks.
  • A malfunction on the procedure launcher due to case sensitive characters has been fixed.
  • A malfunction on the ATO insert new member function and the code length of new members has been fixed.
  • A malfunction on the edit description of the ATO pager has been resolved.
  • A malfunction on the disable record count option on the data-readers connection definition has been fixed.
  • A malfunction on select entity based on cube not displaying all related cubes has been fixed.
  • A malfunction on the Broadcasting for which modifications on an existing task were invalidating it has been fixed.
  • A misalignment between the Win Client and Web Client on the management of subtotals and locked cells has been resolved.
  • A malfunction on the Impact Analysis due to the Folder Profiles configuration has been fixed.