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New release available - BOARD 10.5.0
Posted by Fabio Donatellis on 20 March 2019 04:24 PM

Board 10.5.0 now released, please check the below link for further details and release notes. 

What New in Board 10.

Board 10.5 is the first version with a full web client available.


Capsule Designer: It is now possible to develop capsules using the web browser

Data Model Designer: It is now possible to develop the data model of your applications using the web browser. 

System Administration: The System Administration panel has been enriched with the full capabilities of the BOARD security settings. 

Broadcasting functionality: Several broadcasting-like features are now available

Impact AnalysisThe impact analysis is available on entities and cubes.

Other Enhancements:

  • Web dataview search function
  • Web dataview with Muilt-level columns header
  • Web dataview with URLs clickable from a cell
  • New web object: Gauge toolbox
  • New web object: Entity Editor

Click here for the list of changes.