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BOARD 10.1.4
Posted by Davide Genini on 31 January 2018 05:23 PM

Board 10.1.4 now released, please check the below link for further details and release notes. 


What New in Board 10.1.4


Fixes and minor changes:

Board Win Client

  • Export: A malfunction generated during the export of a screen with many iterations like Broadcasting and export with pager, has been solved. (some objects were shifted one pixel down after each iteration).
  • Call Procedure Command. When you're developing a database template, that you can potentially use to generate several identical Data-Marts, it is suggested to enable this option when using a Call Procedure Command on such data-base . If active the Call Command eventually ignores a rename of the database.
  • Transporter Tool: It is now possible to transport all the procedures, including those that have been modified. Updates performed into an existing procedure will be promoted to production.
  • Transporter Tool: It is now possible to compare databases with different names. This solution allows to transport changes from a template database to child-databases (data-marts), regardless of the database name.
  • Yahoo Finance, the service is being discontinued. Yahoo has blocked this service and at the moment is not possible to use the Rest APIs.

WEB Client

  • An unexpected consumption of the resources such as Memory, when multiple tabs/screens are opened, has been solved
  • Large data-view optimization. The visualization of large data-views is faster now.
  • Large data-view optimization. The scroll of large data-views is faster now.
  • The message queue polling has been improved
  • The mechanism of the Procedure Checkpoints (Error or Confirmation messages) has been improved
  • A situation where the procedure windows is frozen after the procedure is completed has been fixed