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Board 10.1.3. now released
Posted by Fabio Donatellis on 17 November 2017 03:49 PM

Board 10.1.3 now released, please check the below link for further details and release notes.


What New in Board 10.1.3


Application localization: The Localization of the Board Application (Capsule and Database) is now available in the Web Client


Fixes and minor changes:

  • It is now possible to customize the Xtract All and re-Load All path
  • A situation of failing data entry with two independent dimensions are by column has been solved
  • The Pager now supports the visualization of a single item based on the dynamic selection of the time period such as current period, previous period etc
  • The capability to represent info-cube in the Data-View through missing dimensions by row has been improved
  • It is now possible to setup an user so that his password never expired
  • A malfunction of the Salesforce Connector that provoked a wrong mapping of the SQL fields in the statement of a Join Query has been fixed
  • The crawler now searches and tags procedures too, even if empty (without any action)
  • In the data entry log when data-entry is performed, all the coordinates of the cell are tracked
  • WEB: Data-view and Label objects now get the date format from the Client Regional Settings
  • WEB: Some defects of the Drill-Down Window have been solved