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Board 10.1.0. now released
Posted by Fabio Donatellis on 14 March 2017 02:38 PM

Board 10.1.0 now released, please check the below link for further details and release notes.


What New in Board 10.1.0

Board Web new features

Version 10.1.0, Board web client includes new exclusive features, other than the normal capsule navigation:


Chat: Web client contains an embedded chat, that allows any user to chat with other board users with the possibility of sharing screens.

Presentations: Users can save their analysis into presentations, transforming screens into slides that can be used or shared with other users.

Cognitive Space: Cognitive space allows users to search analysis and screens into Board using a search engine.

Layout Editor: allows any user to edit an existing layout of an object to perform a new analysis.

Print Dataview: Starting from version 10.1 it is possible to print DataViews as PDF using the web HTML5 client.

Mashup: Board HTML5 client can be embedded in any web page.



Other Enhancements

Custom Calendar: the Previous Year and Yearly Cumulated Value functions can now be applied to a custom calendar.

Security ProfileIt is now possible to define a security selection at user account level.

ANSI File Encoding: It is now possible to read text files containing double-byte characters.

Log Encryption: It is now possible to protect the Board Log files through encryption.

Transporter Tool now allows changes in production with no loss of comparability.